Three Mountain Foundation provides scholarship assistance for approved applicants who wish to take part in seminars or retreats held by sponsored teachers.

Often scholarship requests come from men and women who are facing a health crisis, or other difficult life transition. Contributions, from caring and generous donors, have made it possible to provide assistance whenever genuine need is established.

Our sole source of funding is donations. The majority of donations are from those who have experienced, in their own lives, the effects of the work done by these teachers, and choose to express their appreciation by providing assistance to others.

A gift of any size to Three Mountain Foundation will enable it to continue to fulfill its mission to provide scholarship assistance to people who can benefit from the transformational work of our sponsored teachers. Your contribution will help fellow human beings, whether facing a health crisis or other difficult life transition. Click here to donate now.

Three Mountain Foundation Board of Directors

BRIAN MARTIN graduated from the Harvard Law School. Brian worked as a law clerk to Warren Burger, Chief Justice of the United States, practiced law in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was Assistant Solicitor General of the United States from 1988 through 1990. In 1994, Brian joined the retailer, Proffitt’s Inc., which became Saks Incorp., where Brian held various positions including General Counsel, and president of the Saks Charitable Foundation. Brian currently manages Moon Lake Group, offering retreats, coaching, and business consulting services.

RALPH PAMPERIN is a retired electronics engineering executive for a major aerospace firm. He was involved in managing the development and manufacture of electronic controls for the space shuttle and several new large commercial aircraft, and served on the NASA National Aeronautical Committee. Ralph has been a student of Richard Moss for over 20 years. He has managed seminars for transformational teachers, and served as Board Chairman for Triple Gem of the North, a Buddhist nonprofit organization.

SARA NELSON graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Utah in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.  She completed a masters in orthopedic manual therapy from the Grimsby Institute, and doctor of physical therapy from Pacific University.  She has developed CenesTherapeutics(R), which provides materials, workshops and services to train businesses, individuals and providers in Wellness Through Awareness.  Sara owns Therapy Solutions, which offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation services.

ELOISE HOOVER is a Licensed Customs Broker, working in the field of global import and export compliance.  Currently she is director of the Global Customs Compliance group for a multinational retailer doing business in over 60 countries. Eloise discovered the work of Richard Moss in spring of 2007, and has benefited in her personal and professional life from studying with Richard.

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